Saturday, 27 March 2010

Rise Up

Well, I was there when you were torn apart
Now a piece of you is gone
Somehow you wish that you could only find
A little strength to carry on

You've tried so hard to make it on your own
That your heart has come undone
So I am here to prove that I alone
Have the power to overcome

Don't let your heart be troubled
This world will never keep you down
It will never keep you down

So rise up, my friend
No, this will never be the end
So rise up, my friend
And live again

I didn't want you to feel this way
It's not what life was meant to be
And so for you, my friend, I'll take your shame
You can give it all to me

'Cause you've wrestled demons every day
And they've dragged you to your knees
But in your weakness you will learn to find
That I will always be your strength

In life or in death
Through joy or regret
And all of the secret things you have done
No matter what comes, my friend
Nothing can keep you from the love of God

These lyrics are from a song by Third Day called Rise Up. It's the song that has had the most influential impact on my life, not only years ago, but also again in present times. How often I fall into the trap of living life in the mindset that I can do it on my own - you just burn out. But thank the Lord for grace, and thank the Lord that despite his continual reminders he always says, "for you my friend, I'll take your shame, you can give it all to me ... no matter what comes ... nothing can keep you from the love of God"

The song is further complimented by a great tune! Check it out!!

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  1. keen to hear how you're doing these days with your struggles. enjoyed the songs btw.

    Sis. x